Faculty Portal - Post Grades

Please review the instructions below for posting grades via the Faculty Portal. Select the .pdf file for a instructions with screenshot examples.
Post Grades via Faculty Portal

Logon to the Faculty Portal:
Username: Alliant e-mail address
Password: Alliant password

Go to the ‘Classes’ tile and click the hyperlink. Classes to which a faculty member is assigned will appear in the 'Classes’ tile at the top middle section of the screen. Alternatively, classes can be accessed by clicking ‘Gradebook’.
Click on the course title (in the example below ‘Composition I’) to access the course information.

The Course Details page will display.

[NOTE: Course Details can also be accessed directly by clicking the course code link on the Classes tile on the home page.]

Select the Final Grades tab within the Course Details page.

Enter the grade for each student. NOTE: You do not have to post a grade for every student in the course at the same time. When finished, click the ‘Save Final Grades’ button in the lower right hand corner. [The ‘Numeric Grade’ field is not applicable to Alliant’s, and should not be populated.]

NOTE: If a grade is posted in error, notify the registrar; grades cannot be changed via the Faculty Portal once saved.


Post_Grades_via_Faculty_Portal.pdf Post_Grades_via_Faculty_Portal.pdf

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