Faculty Portal - Post Attendance

Please review the instructions below for posting attendance via the Faculty Portal. Select the .pdf file for a instructions with screenshot examples.

Post Attendance in the Faculty Portal

To logon to the Faculty Portal go to:
Username: Alliant e-mail address
Password: Alliant password

There are two methods to enter attendance in the Alliant Faculty Portal.

Click on the number after Attendance Due.

You will be redirected to a calendar. Days on the calendar shown in red indicate those for which attendance is due.

Attendance can also be accessed via the Gradebook. On the left menu bar, select My Classes. Select the Gradebook option.

Within the Gradebook page, select the term/semester for the course(s) for which attendance is to be posted. Select the course from the list that appears.

[NOTE: Method Two requires more steps than Method One but allows viewing of all courses within a term/semester on a single page.]

Once within the attendance page, select the date for which you would like to post attendance by clicking on it:

Select the date for which attendance is to be added. Click “Edit”.

Alliant uses “Present” as the default for attendance; all students will show as Present initially. If a student was absent, select “Absent” from the pull down menu. Per Alliant Attendance policy, if a student was absent and communicated their intent to continue within the course, indicate Communicated with Instructor in the Reason box. This will prevent unnecessary and redundant contact from the Student Advisor.

Click “Update” to post attendance. Repeat for any day for which attendance is required to be posted.


Post_Attendance_in_Faculty_Portal.pdf Post_Attendance_in_Faculty_Portal.pdf

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