SPSS 23 - Scripting Failure for Mac

Error description

  • You have installed IBM SPSS Statistics 23.0 client for Mac OSX
    and attempt to launch.  Immediately you are met with the error
    'SPSS Statistics Client Scripting failed to start. The network
    host cannot be found, inet:Local Computer:0'
    and the Statistics Server login dialog is presented.  Thus far,
    in most reported cases, you are able to select the "Local
    Computer" entry and click "OK" to complete launching the


Local fix

  • This behavior has been traced to a known issue with Java 7 on
    Mac OS X.
The errors will like like or similar to these three below:

  1. Once you report the error to Alliant's IT department, you'll receive an email with a link to download "23.0-IM-S23STATC-Mac-FP002.dmg". Please download it, close all programs on your Mac, reboot the computer and execute "23.0-IM-S23STATC-Mac-FP002.dmg" as shown below: 
  2. Double click icon "SPSS_Statistics_Installer_Patch": 
  3. That's just an indication of the installation progress: 
  4. Click on "Open": 
  5. Enter your Mac local password to install "Install Helper" and click on "Install Helper": 
  6. Click on "OK": 
  7. Click on "OK": 
  8. Click on "Next": 
  9. Select the radio button to accept the terms and click on "Next": 
  10. Click on "Next": 
  11. Click on "Install": 
  12. Click on "Done": 
  13. You have now SPSS v23.0.0.2 which should not have the error at start any more.

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