Zoom - Set Up

Zoom Web Portal:
Visit https://alliant.zoom.us and enter your email address and password. Upon sign in you will be taken to your Profile page.
Highlights of this page are:
  • Setting your profile picture (persists through the Zoom platform).
  • Editing your Personal Meeting ID/Personal Link
    • This is your personal dedicated virtual meeting space.  You can use it at any time or schedule it for future use.
After configuring your profile, we recommend going to the Meeting Settings tab to configure your preferences based on how you would like to conduct meetings.

Before You Start:
Before you can host a meeting with Zoom, you must have the the Zoom Desktop Client software installed on your computer or device. If applicable, visit https://alliant.zoom.us/download to download and self-install the Zoom Client for Meetings.

Zoom Desktop Client:
  1. Once the Zoom Client for Meetings is installed, click the Sign In button
  2. Click “Sign In with SSO”
  3. Enter alliant if prompted for a company domain
  4. Enter in your alliant email credentials (your full Alliant email address and password)
You now have the Zoom client for Meetings installed. 

To learn more about a specific feature or topic with Zoom, visit the Zoom Help Center at https://support.zoom.us. You can access step-by-step guides, video tutorials and more from this page.

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