Phone - Voicemail Erase (Some/All) via the Phone Portal

Erase voicemail (some/all) via the phone portal
Login to the phone portal using your Alliant ten digit phone number in format XXXXXXXXXX and your phone portal password. If you don't know your phone portal password, please contact or call us at (858) 635-HELP in order to get it reset.

Once logged in click on "Messages and Calls" as shown below.

At page "Messages and Calls"  you can delete any voicemail message from tab "Messages" or you can delete them all at once as shown with the red arrow.

Once deleted please click tab "Deleted" followed by button "Permanently Delete All" in order to erase them completely. If you don't do that, deleted voicemail are still taking space and eventually your voicemail box will fill up.

You can log out now.

Thank you.


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