Alliant self-service password reset instructions

Alliant self-service password reset (SSPR) instructions 

Please note: Before using this tool, you must register first! Registration is available at:

SSPR Registration

If you forgot your password, never received one, have been locked out of your account, or want to change it, we can help. Continue with the steps below. 

If you know your password and just need to change it, continue to the Change my password section below.

Reset or unlock my password for an Alliant account 

You might be unable to access your Alliant University account for the following reasons: 

  • Your password is not working, and you want to reset it. 

  • You know your password, but your account is locked out and you want to unlock it. 

Use the following steps to access Self-Service Password Reset and get back in to your account. 

  1. From any work or school Sign-in page, select the Can't access your account? link, and then select Work or school account or go directly to the Password reset page. 


  1. Enter your Alliant User ID (i.e., prove you aren't a robot by entering the characters you see on the screen, and then select Next. 


  1. You will now choose one of the following authentication methods. This will contain the information you would have populated by following the steps in the Register for self-service password reset article. 

  • Text my mobile phone 

  • Call my mobile phone 

  • Call my office phone 

  • Answer my security questions 

Choose an option, provide the correct responses, and then select Next. 


  1. For added security, Alliant incorporates dual factor authentication. Step 3 will need to be completed a second time using your secondary authentication method choice. 

  1. On the Choose a new password page, enter a new password, confirm your password, and then select Finish.We suggest that choose a password that's 12 to 16 characters long and includes uppercase and lowercase characters, a number, and a special character. 

  1. When you see the message Your password has been reset, you can sign in with your new password. 


If you still can't access your account, please contact the Alliant Information Technology Helpdesk at or (858635-4357, option 1. 

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Change my password 

If you know your password already and want to change it, use the following steps. 

Change your password from the Office 365 portal 

Use this method if you normally access your applications through the Office portal: 

  1. Sign in to your Office 365 account with your existing password. 

  1. Select your profile icon on the upper-right side, and then select My account. 

  1. Select Manage Security & privacy > Password. 

  1. Enter your old password, create new password, confirm new password, and then select Submit. 


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