Phone - Cisco SPA502G/514G - Factory Defaults reset

CISCO IP PHONE SPA502G/514G - Factory Defaults reset

1. Reset the phone to factory defaults by pressing the MENU button (check the photo above), followed by number 14 and software button OK.
2. Once the phone reboots, find its IP address by pressing MENU button, followed by number 9. Please write down the IP address.

3. From a computer connected via a cable (not WiFi)  go to a web browser of your choice and enter the IP address from above. Click ADMIN LOGIN, click ADVANCED settings, click PROVISIONING folder, and replace PROFILE RULE from "/spa$PSN.cfg" to "t$MA.xml" (no spaces), and click SUBMIT ALL CHANGES. Check the photo above.
4. Once the phone reboots, you will have to reboot it once again by pressing MENU button followed by number 12 and software button OK.
5. After the reboot initiated by you above, the phone will reboot itself once again and after that it will register itself automatically with the phone provider, which will be indicated by all buttons becoming green (for 514G).

If you have any questions, please contact the IT department either via email ( or call us from a working phone (858) 635-HELP.

Thank you.

IT Department

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