Fixing iPhone or iPad problem with wireless network “Alliant”

Fixing iPhone or iPad problem with wireless network “Alliant”
If you (or Alliant’s helpdesk) recently changed your Alliant’s AD password because it either expired or you forgot it, or you just decided to and you are having trouble joining the wireless network “Alliant” on campus, please follow the instructions below and you’ll be online.
Please make sure you follow these instructions on all your Apple devices.
We have separated instructions for Apple computers. They could be found here.
  1. “Forget” current SSID “Alliant”. That’s a MUST step and shouldn’t be skipped. If it is skipped, the whole process will not work.

To do that go to “Settings” / “Wi-Fi”, on “Alliant” wireless press the “i” on the right of it (see the screenshots below) and click on “Forget This Network”, followed by “Forget”:

  1. Join wireless network “Alliant2.4GHz” using your AD credentials. “Settings” / “Wi-Fi” and follow the screenshots below.

The final result should look similar to the screenshot below.


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