Feith - FAQ

1.  Do the ‘Dragons’ need to be installed on my machine to access Feith?
  • A:  ‘Dragons’ are only needed for those individuals who do scanning. 
Feith url:  https://workflow.alliant.edu/webfdd/PrepareLogin.do
FeithDrive url:  http://workflow.alliant.edu/feithdrive/home
2.  Best Way to Search on FeithDrive:

Should search this way to avoid possible performance issues.
DO NOT use the filter box in the upper right:

This isn’t efficient & causes performance issues!
3.  Sometimes documents don’t display in my browser – what can I do?
  • A:  Some browsers like Chrome & Firefox have their own default pdf viewers.  For a consistent experience across all browsers, it is highly recommended to set Adobe Reader as the default viewer.
For Firefox:
1.   Choose Firefox, options:

2.  Scroll down to applications

3.  Select Portable Document Format (PDF) & select the application to open the PDF

For Chrome:
1.  Launch chrome & enter chrome://extensions/

Hit enter

2.  Look for Adobe Acrobat

3.  Click in the box to enable

If you have any issues with setting Adobe reader as the default viewer,  please contact ITHelp@alliant.edu


Feith_-_FAQs.docx Feith_-_FAQs.docx

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