Outlook - Insert a Calendar Invite into an Email

How To Insert a Calendar Invite into an Email

Step 1: Create a Calendar Event

  • Open up Outlook Calendar > click on the Appointment icon or click New in the navigation bar and select it from the drop-down.
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  • Set up calendar event as an Appointment, not a meeting, since this invite will be going to an individual recipient and not other contacts on your calendar.
  • Add relevant details for calendar event (Event name, Location, Time, Event description, URL of your event's landing page, Optional event alert.).

Step 2: Create .ics file

  • Click Save and Close in top-left corner to save the event to Outlook Calendar.
  • Find the event on your Outlook calendar. 
  • Click and hold on the event, then drag it out of Outlook calendar and release on your desktop. This will create an .ics file on your computer desktop.

Step 3: Insert .ics file to email

  • Navigate to Content > File Manager
  • Click Upload File > Select the .ics file from your computer.
  • Once uploaded, click on the Gear Icon next to the file's name > select Get file URL > copy the .ics file's URL.
  • Navigate to Content > Email, find the email in question and access it for editing.
  • Insert an image (or type out a line of text) you want the recipient to click on to add the event added to their calendar.
    • Place your cursor where you want to insert the image.
    • Select Insert from the WYSIWYG editor > Image > select the desired image > click on Use Image.
  • Once the image in inserted into the email, click on it and go to Insert within the WYSIWYG editor one more time, select Link, and paste the .ics file's URL in the Link URL text box.
  • Click on Add link.

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