Turnitin - Draft Assignments

There may be times you wish to allow students to submit draft responses for a plagiarism check before they submit them for final evaluation.  

To set up a Turnitin assignment for draft submission:
  • Log in to your course.
  • Add a Turnitin Assignment.
  • Give your assignment a name.
In the "Turnitin Advanced Options" section, make sure the follow are set: 
  • Report Generation Speed. Set to "Generate reports immediately, reports can be overwritten until due date."  This will allow a new report to be generated upon every assignment submission.
  • Store Student Papers.  Set to "No Repository."  This prevents student papers from being submitted to the database.  
  • Student Originality Reports. Set to Yes, to allow students to see the reports from Turnitin.

Save and view the course.

Click on the link to the assignment. 

From the Assignment screen, edit the properties of the assignment

Adjust the following settings:
  • Due Date. Best practice is to set this to the date the paper is due. Individual reports will be overwritten until this date, allowing multiple attempts.
  • Max Marks.  Set to 0.  Since this is a draft, setting this 0 ensures the score does not calculate in the course grading.


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