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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Students

How do I access my surveys?
The easiest way is through the link you receive in your Alliant email about the surveys.

If your courses are in Canvas, you may also access your Dashboard of courses though the link on the left side of Canvas, currently the third item from the bottom on the left side.

If your courses are not in Canvas and you don’t have the link at hand, go to https://alliant.evaluationkit.com/MyEval/Login.aspx, enter your Alliant email address as your log-on, and click “Forgot your Password?” to get a link sent to your Alliant email to reset a password to reach your survey(s).

When will the course evaluation surveys be available?
The surveys will be available generally 2 weeks prior to the end of the term. Dates may vary due to the length of the course or other logistical issues.

Does each survey have its only link?
You have your own link for your courses for the term; they are all in one place to simplify ease of responding.

How can I tell which surveys I have to complete?
Each course listed in your course Dashboard indicates a status – either submitted or not yet submitted.

If your courses are supported by Canvas, you will also see a link to an available incomplete survey through Canvas. You will continue to receive reminders if there is at least one survey left to complete.

What should I do if one of my evaluations is missing?
Most courses have evaluations, but not all – including those with enrollment under fewer than students and internships/practica in most cases.

If you think you should have an evaluation for a course but don’t see it, contact courseevaluations@alliant.edu for assistance.

What if I partially complete my survey?
If you begin but don’t submit the survey, your partial input is not collected.

Can I submit a survey after the last day to submit?
No, once the evaluation period is closed, it cannot be reopened.

If I am logged in to a specific link, how are my responses anonymous?
The system does not associate responses with any individual. Your instructor will not know if any individual student completed the courses unless there is 100% response rate, in which case it will be clear that all students completed the evaluation.

However, if you choose to identify yourself in the narrative comments, your comments will be associated with you.

If my responses are anonymous, how do I get reminders specific to me and my courses?
The system tracks whether evaluations are completed, but results are not associated with any names, IDs or other identifying information unless you provide some identifying information in the narrative comments.

What do I do if I submit the wrong evaluation, have problems with the system, or still have questions?
Contact courseevaluations@alliant.edu for assistance.

Are evaluation results provided to faculty before grades are submitted?
No, faculty must submit grades prior to the release of course evaluations.

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