Manually Enroll a User

Moodle processes users, courses and enrollments from Cx periodically during the day.  In most cases, you should allow the integration to take care of updating your course roster for a running course section. 

If you need to add a user to your course, begin by logging in to your course and going to the "Participants" tab in the left navigation. At the top of the participants screen, select the gear icon and select the  "Enrolled Users" option

On the Enrolled Users screen, click on the "Enroll users" button in the upper right hand corner.

1. ​Search for the name of the user you wish to add. 
2. Then select the role you wish for them to have.
3. Then click the blue "Enroll users" button
4. Wait.  It takes a few seconds for the system to find the user and enroll them.

The user screen will refresh when the enrollment process is complete.  If you have completed all the steps correctly, your user will appear in your list of Enrolled Users.

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