Copy Content from a Previous Course


To copy a course content into another course follow these steps:
1. Go to the blank course you INTO which you wish to create content.
2.  In the upper right of your course click on the gear link and select IMPORT 

3. Select the courses that you wish to copy FROM.  All of your previous courses in which you are enrolled as a faculty will appear.

4. When you've selected your course, click CONTINUE.

5.  The following screen will open.  You can go through and select individual items from the original course by selecting "NEXT" and going through the various screens. If you want to copy everything, click "JUMP TO FINAL STEP" 

6. Follow the on-screen commands to finish the import. Depending on the size of the original course, it may take a few moments to process all the content to your new course.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  To import content from a previous course, you must be assigned to that course.  If you wish to copy the course content from another faculty member, you must be given permission and assigned the role of "non-editing teacher" in the course from which you wish to copy. The current instructor of that course can add you  to the course in the role of "non-editing teacher"


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