Moodle - Crosslisting

Sometimes you may teach more than one section of the same course and want to make it simple to manage.

What does it mean to link a course? Or meta link?  
Linking the course means that you only have to enter the content into one course shell, but your students will still have a separate course from the other section(s) that you teach.  In other words, they will not share forum discussions.  

The other option is to create one course and simply import the content into the second course.  By going this route, you avoid the need to manage your  enrollments.  

1. In the left hand nav of your course, click on the "Participants" link.  From the gear icon on the participants screen, select "enrollment methods"
2.  Add a method from the drop down menu.  Add "course meta link" (shown below).
3.  Select the course that you want to link to from the drop down list of your course and click "add method."
4.  Follow the steps on this site to hide the course from student view.  (edit settings, scroll to option and select from drop down menu).
*(e.g. you are teaching CFT 6310 S1, S2, S3, but you only want to have to login to S1 to manage the content.  You will need to hide S2 and S3 from student view.  If you do not hide it, they will see a blank course.  

How can I make sure that I did it correctly?  

Go to the course that is visible and click on "user" and then "enrolled users."  If you did it right, all of the students from the other section(s) will be enrolled in the course with a method of "meta."  Double check to make sure that the other section(s) are hidden.

2. Select "course meta link."


3.  Select the course that you want to link to from the drop down list of your courses and click "add method."


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