SharePoint - General Information

What is SharePoint

Sharepoint is an integrated suite supporting web services (internet website), intranet and content management system in a single platform.
Sharepoint is a collaborative tool: sharing of documents, workflows, lists, and management of events through calendars are the main advantages.

How does it work?
All the content is stored in a site collection ( which gathers sharepoint sub-sites (Departments, Schools, etc.). The structure is similar under any site: one can find templates, lists, libraries (and folders), and pages (web pages).
Unidentified users can only go through web pages according to the programmed navigation (menus and links). Identified users have access, depending on their rights, to menus and links and can switch to the back office. Users are identified on a personal basis (by user name and email). Any sub-website, library, folder or document can be seen, modified, created/deleted by any user according to his rights.
The platform is organized similarly to folders in a computer, in a logical tree structure and with a repetitive organization. Unlike computer folders, the documents are stored with metadata which allows for advanced searches to easily locate the data regardless of it's location within SharePoint.

Additional support materials are available in the Alliant SharePoint Knowledge Center 


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