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Starfish is a resource that will be utilized by students, faculty, and staff to improve communications, create comprehensive support, advising services, and become a centralized location for feedback, scheduling, and assistance for students.  Access to Starfish is based on connections to the student.
All-inclusive and holistic services can be offered to students with ease through Starfish. Communication between advisors, support staff, tutors, instructors and students will be improved by utilizing one location to interface between all areas. Services will become seamless.
Starfish will provide a centralized spot for students to receive wrap-around services, which in-turn, will result in higher success at all levels.
Starfish can be accessed via a link on MyAlliant or directly from Canvas.  You must be logged into MyAlliant to access Starfish.  If you get this error message:
You do not have privileges or your role is not properly defined in the Starfish system.
Please contact your system administration if you should have or would like to gain access to this application.

Send an email to to open a ticket.  Please include your 6 digit MyAlliant account number in the email.
Hyperlinks to documentation:
Faculty Getting Started Guide
Student Getting Started Guide
Starfish FAQs
Starfish Staff FAQs
Starfish Student FAQs

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