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Software designed to be intuitive, reflect Alliant-specific requirements, and incorporate the recommendations of a work group of faculty and IRB members. 

Password reminder:    To ensure account security, Alliant International University’s password policy requires all users to change their respective passwords every 180 days.  Some systems (e.g. alliant email, Moodle, Canvas, etc.) may be currently accessible, but if you cannot log in into Streamlyne, please reset your password through Password Assistance to update access to Streamlyne and the rest of the system through the main server.

All applications, reviews, and correspondence take place through Streamlyne and emailed applications are not accepted.

Resources for Completing Your Application in Streamlyne

  • User Guides: There are user guides for Principal Investigators and Faculty Supervisors available to help you through the process. You must follow the guides step-by-step in order to successfully submit your application.
  • At-A-Glance Document: This document provides an abbreviated process to Submitting Your Protocol.  You should consult the complete PI user guide for step-by-step instructions.
  • Review Type Determination: The document explains the three review types, exempt, expedited, and full board. This document will help you determine which review type to select and how to proceed.
  • Application Forms: Please use the provided MS Word application forms to complete your application and upload to Streamlyne.
  • Sample Expedited Protocol: This sample protocol is meant to guide students to accurately complete your initial submission and reduce the number of required revisions. Please use this as a reference tool rather than copying the information.

Streamlyne functions best with Mozilla Firefox.

NIH Certification Requirement

Ongoing education in the ethical treatment of human subject research participants, the components of informed consent, and the handling of research materials and data is an integral component of research and scholarship. As such, the IRB will be introducing a new educational component to realize this goal. All students must complete the NIH Protecting Human Subject Research Participants or other IRB certification tutorial (accepted on case-by-case basis). This free tutorial provides training on ethics for working with human subjects as well as explains the background and purpose of the IRB. Research universities and institutions across the country require similar trainings with great success in improving research programs.


  1. Go to the NIH Protecting Human Subject Research Participants tutorial.
  2. Enter the course and register with the site.
  3. Complete the tutorial. It should take approximately 2-3 hours.
  4. At the end of the course, print or save the Completion Certificate for your records.
  5. When submitting your IRB application in Streamlyne, upload this certification in the Protocol & Notes section. 

IRB Timeline

IRB cannot fast-track or expedite an application for any reason. Below are estimates of the amount of time you should allow for your application to go through the review process. Note that each time frame is an estimate and reviews may take more or less time than indicated.

Exempt: 3-5 weeks

Expedited: 5-7 weeks

Full Board:  7-10 weeks*

* Full Board applications may take at least one month for initial review. 


  • All reviews can take a minimum of 10 business days for a response. This time frame applies to initial submissions and all subsequent revisions. Once a PI submits an initial protocol he/she can expect a minimum of 10 business days to receive approval or revisions. Once a PI submits revisions he/she can expect a minimum of 10 business days to receive another response.
  • Faculty supervisors must approve initial and all revised submissions to IRB.
  • Please review the IRB Timeline and Process page for further information.

General IRB Description

The goal of the Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Participants (IRB) is the protection of human participants in research. The IRB evaluates research proposals submitted by faculty, staff, and students of Alliant International University to assure research is conducted ethically and risk to research participants is minimized. This review is mandated both by federal law and Alliant policy. Alliant’s IRB policies comply with the Code of Federal Regulations issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP). Faculty, students, and staff who conduct research under the auspices of Alliant International University must receive written IRB approval prior to initiating research.

The IRB now  functions as a single entity and serves all Alliant campuses. The various IRB applications include initial approval of a research protocol, approval of a proposed change in an approved protocol, renewing the approval of a study, and reporting adverse events. Researchers should consult relevant sections of the Alliant International University System-wide Policies for the Protection of Human Participants in Research for details on the regulations that govern human participation in research.

Special guidance for international research:  OHRP offers a compilation of regulations from over 100 countries that pertain to research conducted outside the U.S. 

Additional federal guidance on a variety of issues involving research ethics may be found at the OHRP guidance page.

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