VPN - FortiClient SSL Installation

FortiClient SSL VPN Installation
  1. Go to http://forticlient.com/ and download the appropriate client for Windows as shown below.

  2. Start installing the downloaded file “FortiClientOnlineInstaller.exe” following the screenshots below. Don’t forget to press the “stop” button to avoid the system scanning the entire computer. It might take hours.

  3. Please make sure you are installing “VPN Only”, not the complete package.

  4. After the installation is done, start configuring the SSL VPN client following the screenshots below.
    Connection Name: Alliant SSL VPN
    Username: Type you Allaint’s AD login name only. No domain needed.
    Check “Customize port” and type port number 8443. Do not use the default value!
    Remote Gateway: connect.alliant.edu

  5. Once the VPN connection is created, type your Alliant’s AD password and click “Connect”. Check the indication in your toolbar to make sure it is connected.

  6. To disconnect the SSL VPN, click on its icon in the toolbar and press “Disconnect” It will still stay in the toolbar, but will not show the lock.

If you have any questions, please either send an email to ithelp@alliant.edu or call 858.635.4355.


FortiClient_SSL_VPN_Installation.pdf FortiClient_SSL_VPN_Installation.pdf

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