OneDrive - Sync with Local Computer

Setting up OneDrive
Step 1 - Syncing OneDrive for Business
Sign in to Office 365 at and enter your Alliant network credentials. Select the OneDrive icon at the top of the page, and then select the menu option Sync.

Step 2 – Copying data to local OneDrive storage
Open File Manager from the local computer and locate the OneDrive for Business “drive”.

This is the location to copy and paste or drag and drop files from your Z: drive to.
Go to your Z: drive, identify the files you want to keep and move them into your OneDrive for Business “drive”. Once that is done, proceed to the next step.
Step 3 – Identifying which files to save to the cloud
If you do not want to save everything to the cloud and are good with deleting some things, continue with this step.  If you want to copy your entire Z: drive to OneDrive proceed to Step 4.
Right-click on OneDrive for Business and select “Choose OneDrive folders to sync” option.

Uncheck the folders and/or files that do not need to be synchronized to OneDrive.  After the sync is done you will delete the files from your local OneDrive storage.  These files take up space on your hard drive and can reduce the performance of your computer.

Step 4 - Synchronize local OneDrive to the cloud
Follow the instructions on Step 1 to sync your local files with the cloud.  The synchronization process can take a while and will be dependent upon the number of files you have to sync.
If you have any problems with these instructions or this process, please contact the IT Helpdesk at or 858-635-4955.


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