Skype for Business - Add Bcc Recipients to Meeting Request

Add Bcc recipients to a meeting request

Whoever you add as a Resource receives the meeting request and can accept or reject it, but other people you invite to the meeting don’t see that person on the list of attendees.

  1. In the new meeting request, in the Show group, choose Scheduling Assistant > Add Attendees.

    Click Add Attendees
  2. In the Resources box, type the name or email address of each person you want to Bcc.

    Add each recipient you want to Bcc in the Resources box

    Tip:  If you’ve already added the recipients you want to Bcc as attendees, choose the icon to the left of their name, and then click Resource (Room or Equipment).

    Click the icon to the left of the name, and then click Resource
  3. Finish filling out the meeting request as you normally would, and choose Send

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