Computer - Map a Network Drive & Create a Desktop Shortcut

Option 1: Create a desktop shortcut
  1. Right-click on an open section of the Windows desktop
  2. Select New\Shortcut
  3. Type or use copy/paste the path of the folder you want as a shortcut (you will not be able to use Browse) eg: \\SDFS\Departments\Test
  4. Select Next
  5. You can either keep the default name or type another in the Shortcut dialogue box.
  6. Select Finish
Option 2: Map a drive
  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Right-click on the "Network" folder
  3. Select "Map network drive..."
  4. Select a Drive letter that is not in use from the pull-down menu (Y: for example)
  5. In the Folder dialogue box, type or use copy/paste the path (you will not be able to Browse) eg: \\SDFS\Departments\Test
  6. Check the box "Reconnect at sign-in"
  7. Select Finish.

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