Phone - Portal User Guide

Here you will find a user guide for your phone system portal, where you will be able to do the following:

  • Change your password
  • Voicemail PIN change
  • View and manage voice messages and missed calls
  • Manage contacts and settings

To start, open up a web browser and go to

Type in your <10- digit Phone Number> without the dashes and your default password will be the case sensitive password <Password!> , with a capital P and the rest lower case.

To change your password:

**You must change your password the first time you access your account via the Web Portal.

1. Select the Summary tab.
2. Select the Security/Change password link.

3. Enter your old password.
4. Enter a new password and then type it again to confirm.
5. Click the Change Password button.

**Note- Your password will be changed instantly so you will not see a confirmation dialog.

Voicemail PIN Change


The dashboard provides a way to quickly access some of your key features.

Messages and Calls

This shows at a glance how many new messages you have and your total number of messages. You can click on the link which will take you to manage your messages.

Shows the most recent missed calls.
If calls are from people in your contact list, their name will be displayed along with the phone type.
Click on a caller's name to jump directly to their contact list entry.


Provides an easy way to look up a contact by name and view their details.

Messages & Calls

This tab lists all of the voicemails in your inbox and missed calls specific for your extension.

New Messages (those you have not yet listened to) appear in bold type. For each message in your inbox, you can see who the caller was, the time of the call, the length of the message and if the call was from a telephone number that appears in your contact list or if the caller's name was provided, otherwise you will just see their telephone number. (There are reports available to track dialed, received, and missed calls on a management level).

To Play or Save a Voicemail

To play a message, click on the  icon to bring up the Voicemail Player.

To save a copy of the message on your computer, right click on the or icon, and select Save Target As or Save Link As.

Managing Voicemails

  • To delete a message, press Delete in the row corresponding to the voicemail that you want to erase. To delete all messages, press Delete All
  • Messages are automatically marked as listened to when you play them. To mark a message you have previously listened to as new (so that it appears in bold again), click the ▼ icon in the row corresponding to that message and select "Mark as new"
  • To mark a message as heard without listening to it, click the ▼ icon in the row corresponding to that voicemail and select "Mark as heard".


  • This page allows you to manage your Contact Lists, Speed Dials, and extensions.
  • The contact list allows you to store information about your telephone contacts. Adding your contacts to this list makes other features easier to use.
    • For example: When you receive a call, if the caller is configured in your contact list then instead of seeing their telephone number in the call history, you will see their name. When configuring services such as rejecting callers, you can select people from your contact list to reject calls from instead of needing to enter their phone numbers explicitly.
    • first and last names
    • nickname
    • job title, and organization
    • home, work, mobile, fax and other telephone numbers
    • two email addresses
    • an SMS address
    • home and work postal addresses

Adding a New Contact Entry

  • To add a new contact to the list, click the New Contact button below the contact list column. You can fill in as many or as few of the details as you want.
  • Telephone numbers can be entered in any format. Normally, this should be the full 10 digit number.
Hint: When you receive a call from someone who is not already recognized as a contact, the various lists of calls display a symbol alongside the call. Using this will bring you straight to this New Contact display, where you can easily fill in any additional information about the contact, then press Save to save them to your contact list.

To Edit an Existing Contact

  • Find the contact you wish to edit and select it to make it appear in the details column.
  • Please note that you won't be able to edit or see the contact details if you have more than one item selected.
  • Click the Edit button below the details column. Make the necessary updates, and then click either the Save or Cancel buttons to commit or discard your changes.

Import Contact List

This feature allows you to import contacts from another application such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. This provides a very quick way of populating your contact list if you already have contacts defined in another application.

To import contacts, you must first generate a CSV file containing them. This file is typically generated by exporting your contacts from another application. For example, the following steps describe how you would export your contacts from Microsoft Outlook.

**Note: the steps may vary slightly depending upon the version of Outlook you are

1. Select File> Import and Export from the main menu
2. Choose " Export to a file" and press the Next button
3. Choose Comma Separated Values (Windows) and press the Next button
4. Select your Contacts folder and press the Next button
5. Choose a location to save the CSV file to and press the Next button. Remember where you have saved the file as you will need this again shortly.
6. Press the Finish button.

Once you have created a CSV file containing your contacts, you can import them by pressing the Import button on the Contact List tab. This will bring up the Import Contacts overlay.
  • First press the Browse button, and locate the CSV file containing the contacts that you wish to import.
  • Select what you would like to happen if a contact you are importing "matches" a contact already defined in your contact list. See the section below on matching contacts.
  • Press Import to start the import operation. If you are importing a large number of contacts, then this may take a little while to complete.
  • Once the process has completed, you will be shown counts of the number of new contacts added, existing contacts updated, and, if appropriate, counts of how many existing entries were deleted and how many imported contacts were ignored (see matching contacts). At this stage you can also press the Details button to check what updates have been made to your contact list.
  • Having checked the counts and details, if you are happy then press the Confirm button to commit the changes. If you're not happy, press the Cancel button the import operation will be abandoned, and no changes will be made to your contact.


  • Extensions allow you to quickly dial other numbers in the Business Group.
  • You can search by typing in the search box above the table. The list will be restricted to those items that match, with the matching field highlighted.

Call Manager

Call Manager allows you to view and configure settings for all of your incoming calls. Call Manager consists of the following top-level tabs
  • Summary
  • Forwarding
  • Follow Me
  • Screening


The summary tab provides a description of how calls you receive will be handled, taking into account the settings for all of your incoming call services and any interactions between them. This description enables you to confirm that services you have configured will have the desired effect on your calls. If the description does not match the behavior you would expect, then it is possible that services you have configured are interacting or overriding one another. If a service is interacting with another service, or being overridden, then an   icon will appear on the configuration page for that service. Click this icon for further information.


You are subscribed to the following call forwarding services.
  • Immediate. Calls are forwarded as soon as you receive them.
  • Busy. Calls are forwarded whenever your line is busy.
  • No Answer. Calls are forwarded if you do not answer your phone within a certain time.
  • Unavailable. Calls are forwarded if your phone is unavailable (e.g. it is unplugged or loses power).
  • Selective. Calls from selected callers are forwarded as soon as you receive them.

To configure any of these services, click on the name of the service beneath the top level forwarding tab.

The forwarding tab also provides access to your Forwarding Destinations. These are numbers that you regularly forward calls to, and that you pre configure for ease of use.

Follow Me

Usually when a call is transferred to voicemail, the caller is immediately prompted to leave you a message. The follow me service allows you to change this behavior so that instead, one or more other phones are tried first. For example, you could configure the service so that if you don't answer on the number that was originally called, the service first tries to reach you on your mobile phone, work phone and/or home phone before prompting the caller to leave a message.


This page consists of the following top-level tabs.
  • Security
  • Preferences
  • Messaging
  • Reminders


The security page allows you to perform the following operations.

To change your password, enter the current and the new password, and then confirm the new password by entering it again, into the boxes. For security, the text will be hidden as you type. Click Change Password to make the

Voicemail PIN

Update the current PIN field to your chosen value and click Change to make the


This tab provides access to a number of settings that you are unlikely to need to change on a regular basis.

Changes that are made on this page will not be applied until the Apply button is selected.


The Messaging Settings tab allows you to configure various aspects of your messaging service. These settings are split across a number of different sub-tabs.

General Settings


Voicemail and Fax Auto - Forwarding

You can select to forward all your received voicemails and faxes to the email account you enter. When doing this forwarding, you have the choice of leaving the messages so you can still access them here, or of deleting them.

Display Name

This is the name that is associated with your Messaging account. It is used in the From address when you forward a message as an email.



Mailbox Settings

These settings allow you to customize your experience when accessing your mailbox via the telephone.
  • Skip Pin
  • Fast Login
  • Auto Play Voicemail
  • Auto Play Fax

Voicemail Playback

  • Details of Message
  • ​Message Only
  • Details Only

Message Play Order

  • Oldest first
  • Newest First

Caller Transfer and Numeric Pages

If this option is enabled, then when a caller is put through to your Voicemail, they are given the option of sending a page to the pager(s) that you have configured to receive pager notifications.

MWI Notification

You can use this panel to specify your other phones whose message waiting indications should be triggered when messages are received, and which types of messages cause the indication.


This page allows you to configure which greeting will be played to callers who get forwarded to your voicemail. You can choose to either use a standard system greeting, or to record and use a personal message of your choice.

Configure Greeting

If you don't wish to record your own greeting, then in the ‘configure greeting' panel select one of the following as your default greeting.

Record Greeting

There are several different greetings to select from to record your personal greeting.

Please direct questions or service requests related to your phone and voice mail system to the Alliant IT Helpdesk at or 858-635-4357, Option 1.



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