Tax Statements (1098t)

Why would I opt out of receiving a paper 1098t form?

CASHNet stores an electronic 1098t for you that is accessible at any time.  It can be printed or downloaded to store on your own computer.  Opting into paperless 1098t means that you do not need a paper form mailed to you in addition to the electronic service available.  This saves labor, paper and postage, and furthers Alliant's environmental effectiveness.  To locate your 1098t on the myAlliant portal, please see the response to the question below.  If you need to request a copy, email, include your Student ID# and the year requested.

Where can I find my tax statements?

Thank you for your inquiry. You can view your 1098T on CASHNet .  To view your 1098T, please follow the instructions below. Thank you.
  1. Log on to the myAlliant portal
  2. Select the ʺStudentʺ tab
  3. Click on "Pay my Bill - CASHNetʺ under the ʺFinancial Resourcesʺ section 
  4. Once on CASHNet, you will see your available tax statements in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

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