Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Application

What do I need to know about filing my FAFSA application?
Thank you for your inquiry.  Below are some things that you need to know about filing your FAFSA application.
  • You can request a PIN from the US Department of Education (  This can also be done at the time that you file your FAFSA.  
  • When you've received your PIN, go to
  • Submit your FAFSA online.  
  • Alliant International University's Federal School Code - 011117
  • You must reapply each year to continue receiving federal financial aid.  Please be sure to look out for the deadlines each year.

What are the next steps after I file my FAFSA?

Thank you for your inquiry. An award letter email notification will be sent to you as well as a request to have an appointment with your financial aid officer to discuss your awarded aid and other options.  You will also be notified of any additional documents needed to complete your file.  We also have documents on the Alliant Financial Aid website with more information and a check list.  To locate these documents, please follow the instructions below. Thank you.
  1. Log on to the portal
  2. Click on "Alliant Departments"
  3. Click on "Financial Aid" under "Departments in This Section"
  4. Click on "Forms and Information" under the "Financial Aid" blue box on the left-hand side of the screen
  5. Locate the appropriate form or document under "Financial Aid Office Forms and Information"

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