How can I pay?
Login to your student account, link to CASHNet, and make a payment for tuition, transcripts, fees and more.
  • Pay On-line at CASHNet by ACH check at  For instructions on where to make a payment, please see below.  
  • Pay in person by cash, check, or money order at your local campus Student Business Services office.
  • Pay by bank wire. For more information on wire transfers, please follow the instructions below.
          1.  Log into the myAlliant portal 
          2.  Click on "Alliant Departments"
          3.  Click on the "Student" tab
          4.  Click on "Student Business Services" under the "Financial Resources"
          5.  Click on "Forms and Information" under the "Student Business Services" blue box on the right-hand side                  of the screen 
         6.   Click on the appropriate wire transfer information document under "Information"
***Your student ID number must accompany all payments in order to ensure proper posting***

Where can I make a payment?

Thank you for your inquiry.  You can make a payment on CASHNet. To make a payment please follow the instructions below.

  1. Log onto the myAlliant portal
  2. Select the ʺStudentʺ tab
  3. Click on "Pay my Bill - CASHNetʺ under the ʺFinancial Resourcesʺ section
  4. After you reach CASHNet, you will have two options for making a payment.  
           Option 1: You can make a payment on your payment plan.
           Option 2: You can click on the "Make a Payment" link.  For further instructions on this option, please see below.  
  • After clicking on the "Make a Payment" link, click on the "Checkout" button to complete the transaction
  • Select payment account and click continue checkout.
  • Verify the Alliant email is correct. (Please note: that the system defaults to the Alliant email here and it cannot be changed. The student can email a copy of the receipt to their personal email at the end of the transaction.)
  • Verify your payment account and payment amount and click submit payment. (Please note that the student should check to make sure they have selected the correct payment account if they have more than one on file.)
  • A screen will display showing transaction information.
  • You may click on Email another Receipt to have a receipt sent to a personal, non-Alliant email account.
Please note the following:
  • Once you submit payment, we cannot cancel it.
  • If the account is incorrect and the payment is returned for any reason (money, bad account number, etc), then a $40 NSF charge will be incurred.
When can I pay?

Pre-payments for upcoming semesters are accepted at any before the due date. You do not need to be registered to pay, but you may not have a complete list of charges and fees until you have registered for all classes and billing has been calculated. If you register for classes during the add/drop period, payment is expected within 72 hours.

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