Kaltura - Streaming Video

Kaltura Video Hosting Integrated in Moodle
What is Kaltura?

Kaltura for Moodle is an open-source interactive streaming video platform, fully integrated with the Moodle learning management system. KALTURA’s partnership with Remote-Learner enables teachers and students to easily integrate rich media into the learning experience within Moodle. Kaltura is a browser-based program that makes adding and editing video resources simple! The Kaltura Moodle module adds 2 new Resource and 1 new Assignment type course option within Moodle:

Video Resource
  • Easily add video content to your course directly from your webcam or upload multiple file types
  • Search and re-mix content from YouTube, PhotoBucket, Flickr and more
  • Edit video directly in the browser with no additional software
Video Presentation
  • Easily synchronize video with PowerPoint, word, PDF and other documents
  • Stream lectures, demonstrations and other mixed media directly from Moodle
Video Assignment
  • Allow students to submit audio and video in response to an a Assignment
  • Use Moodle's Assignment interface to assess student responses
Kaltura Instructions
For instructions to add a Kaltura video assignment to your Moodle course, click here

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