Classroom - ASTRA Room Schedule Requests

Need to Reserve a Room for your Event?

If you are looking to reserve a room for a meeting, please use the following link:
Please note this is only for extra rooms and meetings, if you have issues with a regular semester course room assignment or changes please e-mail facilities: or by calling 858.635.4514. You may request any rooms on the Alliant Campus through this link. There is no need to login you may go in as a guest and click on the events request tab. Please allow at least 48 hours for rooms reservations to be approved. You may only schedule one room and one date at a time, no re-occurring rooms. If you need to schedule a re-occurring room, please contact the or your campus facilities manager.


When you request video-conference service, it normally requires at least 2 rooms. Please make sure that you choose 2 video-conference rooms for this service.Thank you!
You do not need to use Astra If you are requesting rooms for a video conference

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