ParSystem is Scantron's integrated suite of powerful software modules that allow you to create, administer and score tests on paper, via networks or over the internet. With ParTest, teachers can develop multi-format tests from item banks. ParTest Online enables test takers to take tests online or on a network. ParScore completes the suite allowing educators to manage student records, analyze test outcomes and create reports. Select the Scantron icon to go to their web site.

The Learning Technology department maintains the Alliant ParSystem software suite. The university is currently using ParSystem to administer COMPS (Knowledge Competency Examinations). Please select the following link to go to the COMPS web page.




ParSCORE v6.5 is a computerized test scoring and test analysis software package. ParSCORE also offers record keeping, automatic scoring, grade book flexibility, attendance tracking and extensive reporting and analysis options. When used in conjunction with each other, these features can assist instructors in aligning assessment and curriculum to meet state standards. To view user training information select the following link ParSCORE.



ParTEST is a versatile software application that allows you to create instructions, item banks, objectives, questions, tests, and generate reports.  Items from Skills Connection can be imported into ParTEST in order to create an Item Bank and Test. To view user training information Select the following link ParTEST.



ParTEST ONLINE v5.5 compliments the ParSYSTEM suite of products by allowing students to take tests created by ParTEST on a computer (Local Area Network or Web configurations).  You can control when students can take a test and what options are available during a practice or real test session.  ParTEST ONLINE consists of two applications that work together: TESTManager and TESTLauncher. To view user training information select the following link  ParTEST ONLINE.

Visit Scantron for further information at the following link ParSystem

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