CLASS - Career, Learning Assessment Support Services

Career, Learning Assessment Support Services (CLASS)

The Career, Learning Assessment Support Services (CLASS) provides Alliant students with resources to help them complete their academic programs at the highest achievement level. The CLASS is located on the San Diego campus in building M-8. (CLASS was formerly known as the Academic Support Center, or the ASC.)

CLASS staff members provide the following programs and services:

Career Services offers the following services to current students and Alumni: Career Assessments, Internships, Handouts, Interview Preparation, Online Resources, Resume/CV/Cover Letter Writing, Workshops, Online Job Database and other employment-related resources.

The Writing Center offers students opportunities to meet with friendly tutors willing to guide them through the process of analyzing a text and/or successfully completing a written task.

The Math Lab provides tutoring services to assist students enrolled in statistics.

The Technology Lab has 12 computers with office productivity software and tutorials on mathematics and writing as well as access to the Internet and Alliant Library databases. 

The CLASS was formerly known as the Academic Support Center (ASC) and was established in 2003 through a Title V grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

CommitmentPerseverance, and Success are the bywords of the CLASS. A positive college experience for all students is our goal.

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