myAlliant - Discounts

In addition to discounted movie tickets, there are discounts for computers, cell phone plans, office supplies, amusement parks, and much more.

1.  Click here to view discounts on merchandise.
2.  Login with your Alliant credentials in the top right-hand side.
3.  The page below will appear.  You may click on any of the hyperlinks on the page.

4.  To view discounts to amusement parks, continue to step 5.
5.   From the alliant page, click on "Alliant Departments" (shown below)

6.  Scroll down to "Ticket Box Office."

7.  Proceed as your desire requires on the next page.

Below is the discount site.  If you are not registered, click the orange "Register Now."

*8.  If you have been here before and want to go directly to the site, click here.


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