Registering and searching for courses

During the open enrollment period, a message like the one above is usually on the home page.  If you do not see this message, you can follow the directions in this picture.
Click on
>Student tab
>>Course Schedule and Registration (shown below in figure 1 next to the red arrow)

Make sure that you select the correct term/semester from the drop down menu.
>select the student program (undergrad/grad).
>>select course program (there are two because a student who is in undergrad can take a course in the graduate level catalog).
>>>scroll down to fill in the remainder of the fields (shown below in figure 3)

Continue completing the fields from the drop down menu.  
Below are two choices to search courses.
1.  For the most broad search (and least chance of errors) just fill in the department and then "search." *note, by searching this broad, courses on other campuses will also appear so be careful.
2.  If you have the exact course information, you can enter it in the "course code."
(Many students find this is where errors occur.  An added space can change the search completely)

Click "search."

A list will appear with courses (shown below in figure 4)

A list of courses will appear (shown below).
**note--courses on other campuses may appear in your search so double check.
Click the box on the left side so a green check mark appears on the course(s) that you want to add.
After you have added all of the courses, click "add courses" (shown below in figure 5)

Add courses after you have check marked all of the course that you want to add.

****After you have clicked "add courses" you will want to verify that you are registered for all of the course that you want. Follow the directions here.

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