Course - New Semester Shell

How can I get Moodle course shells for my new courses this semester?
At the start of each new semester all courses are set to be hidden from student view.  It is your responsibility as faculty to make your courses available for student view at the start of the semester.  

Course shells for the next semester are typically created 3-4 weeks prior to the end of the current semester.  

If you cannot find your course, and the semester has already ended, click this link to watch a short video.

If you searched for your course with the instructions in the video above and are still unable to see your course, you will need to contact your program director or program support staff.  In rare cases, some professors have not been added as the "instructor of record" with the registrar.  If you are not given this designation, you will not be added as the professor for the course in Moodle.  Until this processes is corrected, there is nothing that Moodle staff can do to grant you access to the course.  

Follow this short video if you would like to import material from a course that you taught in a previous semester.  In addition, if the course was taught by another instructor and you would like to use some of his or her material, this video will show you how to import those materials. **Please note, if you are importing from another instructor you MUST obtain permission from him or her and be enrolled as an instructor in the course.  Click here.

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