Training Videos

For the Visual Learners

Click on the titles below for a short video (scroll down during the video to pause each).

The videos below contain the required steps to carry out just about everything that you will ever need to do on Moodle. The key is knowing how to find it. This single page should be your first stop when you are having trouble. They are organized alphabetically, and broken into 4 simple sections. NONE of the videos are longer than 5 minutes each. Most of them are one minute or less.

Adding a new user, or changing his or her role
(Such as a TA or a co-instructor)
Becoming familiar with your Moodle page-Part 1
Becoming familiar with your Moodle page-Part 2
Customizing your Moodle page-Part 3
Making the course visible to students
Taking attendance on

Adding Activity/Resource
Adding an activity or resource
(Such as a syllabus, assignment, URL, PDF, etc.)
Attendance for a grade (not to meet university requirements)
Exporting attendance to excel
Blackboard collaborate sessions
Blackboard collaborate help page
Message forum(student blogs)
Returning an assignment or rubric(graded work)
Turnitin assignments(set-up and steps)
Uploading a Video(YouTube/URL)
Uploading a video (Kaltura)
Quizzes (part 1)
Quizzes (part 2)
Course Settings
Adding images-animation-emoticon
Assignment settings(dates, restricted access, due dates)
Delete or change a file or document
Docking/undocking(menu options on the sides)
Import courses(copy course content from another course)
Meta-linking courses(teach two of the same sections?)
Move items within the course(move within topic weeks)
Entering final grades at the end of the semester
Grade book basics/2 ways to updategrades for an assignment
Exporting grade book to exce

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