How will the support I receive from Department of Rehabilitation (DR) impact my financial aid and account balance?

Thank you for your inquiry.  Students must notify the financial aid office that they are receiving vocational rehabilitation funds, so that they may be placed on the award screen, and included as part of their resources against their cost of attendance. Quite often the business office finds out after the funds have come in and then need to return financial aid to the lender. A letter from the Department of Rehabilitation or the student would be fine, as long as Alliant International University is able to determine the amount that the student will be receiving for the terms of enrollment.

Students who are guaranteed to receive Department of Rehabilitation funding should provide the Student Business Services Office with an Authorization for Services as soon as possible. The university will abide by the special instructions on the document and refund any amount over the authorized amount that is due the student should they apply and receive additional financial aid.

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