How is my financial aid packaged?

Thank you for your inquiry.  Once Alliant receives your FAFSA data electronically from the Department of Education, we calculate a standard budget for you.  The standard budget includes at least full-time tuition (9-15 units depending on the program) and average living expenses. The Financial Aid Package is compiled based on the results of your Student Aid Report (SAR) or your electronic FAFSA data.

Components of a Financial Aid Package:
  • Cost of Attendance – EFC = Financial Need.
  • Cost of Attendance or your Budget – the estimated amount that it will cost you to attend Alliant during the nine-month enrollment period
  • Expected Family Contribution (EFC calculated by a federal formula) -the amount your family can contribute to your education based on your FAFSA information Financial Need - your eligibility for need based aid, such as subsidized Federal Loans, Federal Work Study and some scholarships.
Alliant Sample Standard Budget
Graduate Student,
Fall 2014/Spring 2015
Tuition Based on student's enrollment
  • Fees $575
  • Books and Supplies $2,200
  • Room and Board $16,900
  • Transportation $3,060
  • Personal Expenses $ 3,200
COA = $54,816, EFC = $5,000, Need = $49,816
The total financial aid award cannot exceed the cost of attendance.

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