What is the typical time to degree completion?

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Undergraduate programs are normally completed in four years except for transfer students.

Most master’s level programs require two years of study. Some are designed as a one year program.

The Juris Doctorate full-time program is normally completed in three years, and the part-time program in four years.

The PsyD programs require at least four years to complete. Many clinical PsyD students may take an extra year to complete the internship, doctoral project requirements, or emphasis area courses. PhD programs normally require four to five years, although the majority of students need additional time for completion of their dissertations. A few programs at select locations offer an advanced standing option whereby students with master’s degrees may complete a doctorate in three to four years.

Doctoral students who have taken appropriate graduate coursework, or who have a closely related master’s degree, may petition to receive credit for some of their previous graduate work according to the policies of each program.

Maximum time limits for degrees are as follows:

Undergraduate Degree 6 years
Master’s Degree 5 years
Juris Doctorate - Full-time and Part-time 7 years
Doctoral Degree - CSFS 7 years
Doctoral Degree - ASM and CSPP 8 years
Doctoral Degree - HSOE 10 years

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