How do I reserve a room?

Thank you for your inquiry.  If you are looking to reserve a room for a meeting, please use the following link Please note:  This site can be used only for reserving extra rooms and meetings, if you have issues with a regular semester course room assignment or changes please e-mail the Facilities Department at or call 858.635.4514. You may request any room on the Alliant Campus through the aforementioned link. There is no need to login, you may go in as a guest and click on the events request tab. Please allow at least 48 hours for rooms reservations to be approved. You may only schedule one room and one date at a time, no re-occurring rooms. If you need to schedule a re-occurring room, please e-mail the Facilties Department at or contact your campus facilities manager.
If you are requesting a room for the purpose of a video conference, please complete and submit this form .


Steps_to_Reserving_a_Room_for_your_event.docx Steps_to_Reserving_a_Room_for_your_event.docx

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