How can I add/drop a class? How do I register for classes?

Thank you for your inquiry. Step-by-step instructions for online registration are posted in the Alliant portal. To view these instructions, please follow the steps below.  
  1. Log in to the myAlliant portal
  2. Click on the "Student Tab"
  3. Click on "Online Registration Instructions" under "Academic Resources
‚ÄčIf you do not know the course or section code, use the course search tab, or fill out an Add/Drop form and submit it to your Academic Advisor.  You can find this form at the following link: Thank you.

Information for International Students:
Every student enrolling at Alliant is advised by an academic advisor. An advisor is located in your school or academic department. Your advisor will counsel you in your courses and will register you for your classes. Registration is not complete, however, until all fees and tuition are paid. Your registration may be canceled for the following reasons:

A) Dishonored check.
Non-payment of fees and tuition before classes begin.
Non-payment of tuition installments.

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