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*Note- the risk in unsubscribing to email notifications is that you will not know if your professor tries to contact you unless you login to Moodle (e.g. class is canceled or the deadline for an exam was extended).
The benefit is that your inbox is not filled with emails each time some comments on a feed.  This allows you to choose when you want to be in the mindset for the particular course.

1.  Login to Moodle.
2.  From the home screen, go to the "settings" block (shown left).
3.  A single click on "my profile settings" will expand two options.
4.  Click on "edit profile."
5.  A new dialog box will open (shown below).

These instructions will be labeled numerically according the number of line they are as you will see them (e.g. email display-1, email format-2, email digest type-3).
1.  Choose who you want to see your email address.
2.  Leave it HTML
3. This is where you can choose how often you receive.  
4. This is the second part of the email flooding.  Click "No" to prevent your email box from blowing up when a new forum begins.  
5.  Allows you track which posts you have already seen.  The color of the title on the post will be different.  
See more below

6.  Leave it HTML
7.  Optional
8.  Leave it to Server's local time.  
9.  Choose your preferred language.

Add a picture below.

Adding a picture is simple.  You can either drag and drop it in the box to the left, or click "add."

Interests-Read the contents of the box for some ideas.  

Add a Skype ID so others can find you on Skype.

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