Add - Discussion

Add a new Discussion

1.  Login to Moodle and find the week that you want to add a discussion.
2.  Click on the Forum

Add a new topic

3.  Click on "add a new discussion topic" (shown above).

Begin typing or upload a file

4.  It is advisable to type your response/topic into a word document and either copy and paste the content, or upload the document.  You are idle on Moodle for more than 30 minutes you will be timed out and lose all of your work.  Typing is still considered being idle.
Add a subject to your new topic

5.  Add content to your topic.
6.  Click "post to forum" on the bottom of the page (shown above).

See "Responding to a forum under 

If you are still having trouble, click here for a short video.

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