Office 365 - Basic Information

New at Alliant!

Available to Alliant Students, Faculty and Staff is the newest Microsoft Office 365 platform. We are happy to announce that with this latest offering you have many additional features and enhancements including the following:
  • Office Online - Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote
  • Business Class Email, Calendar and Contacts with a 50 Gigabyte Inbox
  • File storage and sharing with 1 Terabyte of space
  • Online Video Meetings and Instant Messaging via Skype/
  • Private Social Networking via Yammer
  • Additional productivity and social applications

Current active students, faculty and staff can download and install Outlook, OneDrive , Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and more on up to five personal devices.

Alliant Alumni retain their Microsoft hosted email account in perpetuity.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or phone 858-635-4357, option 1.

Logging On

You may access O365 web mail at or 

Enter your Alliant email address and password then select Sign in.
If you are unable to log-in please email or phone 858-635-4357, option 1.

Once logged in you will be presented with your mailbox.  
The email features will be on the left-hand side of the screen.

Additional features will be listed at the top
Calendar- update and access your calendar with appointments and schedules
People- update and access your contacts 
Tasks- enter and view reminders
OneDrive- access to your 1TB shared drive and to Word, Power Point, Excel, and One Note.


Setting Up Email On Your Phone or Tablet

Use the below photos and captions to set up your mail on an iOS device.
1.  Go to "Settings"
2.  Select "Mail"
3.  Select "Add Account"
4.  Select "Exchange"
5.  Enter your email address password, and a description.  It may give an error the first time you hit next, try again and it should sync. 
Go to Settings

Android devices follow this document HERE



Using OneDrive

Log-in to email and select OneDrive on the top bar. You should see the below page.

To create a new Word, Power Point, Excel, and One Note document, select + new.


File Storage on OneDrive

To upload files to your 1TB (1000GB) OneDrive cloud storage, select Files then Upload Document

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