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The first course of action for any problems viewing content or uploading material should be to contact at least one other student in class.  If both of you are having trouble, contact the professor and copy elearning@alliant.edu on the email so that we may begin to search for a solution. 

I begin my courses next week, but I do not see all of my courses in moodle.

Do not be alarmed—yet—some professors either do not use the Moodle site or do not make the course visible to students until after the first day of class.  Solution: ask your professor on the first day of class if he or she uses Moodle.  In the event that they do use Moodle, and you still cannot view the course, contact the E-learning staff.  elearning@alliant.edu or 858-635-HELP (4357) and press option 1.

I am a week into my course and have talked with other students who can see the course, but I cannot.

Contact the E-learning staff at elearning@alliant.edu or 858-635-4357.

My professor posted an article and I was able to view it once, but now its gone. 

Some professors limit the access of certain resources, quizzes, or assignments by choosing a date range on the Moodle site.  If you believe this has happened in error, contact your professor first and copy the professor in any email that you send to elearing@alliant.edu

I am trying to upload a word document to Moodle to complete an assignment.

The maximum file size for an upload is 50MB.  If your document is larger than this, contact your professor to make other arrangements for submission. 

Possible Cause: If you are beyond the deadline for assignment submission, you will be unable to upload the document.  
Solution:  Contact your professor to discuss options.

You may also be denied the ability to upload a document if you have already uploaded one.  
If you have already uploaded one, but want to make a change, ask your professor to remove the uploaded document.

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